Apiary Quest

Apiary Quest 1.0

Control bees to collect honey, move the flowers to let same them in a line
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Apiary Quest is a classic but enjoyable game, in which players need to match three flowers of the same kind in any direction (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) to make them disappear from the board and get points. In order to get to the next level, players will have to collect a certain amount of honey by matching flowers over the cells containing it. The game features fantastic graphics, good effects, and suitable music, but the interface shows a few grammar mistakes, which I certainly dislike.
All the levels feature a beautiful and different background, and they get tougher as players advance. They also include wonderful power-ups that help users finish the level earlier and make the game even more interesting. Users can choose from two different modes: Action and Relaxed, the action mode has a time limit and the relaxed does not. The game doesn't add anything new or special to the genre but at least it has a nice theme, specially designed for girls. All in all, Apiary Quest is a beautiful and enjoyable match game for all ages, which is worth trying.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Beautiful backgrounds
  • Good graphics, effects and music
  • Power-ups


  • Nothing new or special
  • Grammar mistakes in the user interface
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